Is legally ok to put my current partner’s name and exclude that of the my baby daddy as he is not clearly interested. We would recommend finding a lawyer in your area via Resolution, Hi, l spilt from my partner just over two years ago and since then my 5 year old daughter had been coming to mine every second weekend but then my ex found another partner and has totally stopped me seeing my daughter (since July this year 2020) and my daughter has said on a few occasions when l have been allowed to talk to her that she now has a new daddy who is better then me and my ex will not speak to me instead just keeps telling me she has full custody and our daughter is hers alone? She claims the child benefit, yet doesn’t really see him to be able to provide for him. My child is 9 months old and I do not believe he is ready to attend nursery, especially given the current Covid 19 pandemic, however the mother is insistent upon enrolling him in nursery, and he has already attended the first session. She owns the mortgage I pay her monthly rent for living there and we split the nursery costs 50-50. I am the one who’s looking after the kids majority of the time. Hi I’m separated from the mother of my daughter since 2 years. Thank you for your comment Anne. If you can’t decide between you then you should make an application for a child arrangements order and a court will decide where your child should live and what time they should spend with the other parent. In order to co-parent effectively you and your son’s father need to communicate and build trust between you. We were unmarried when we had our daughter and he has not been paying child maintenance regularly and he can’t be bothered about child visits. The court can restrict the exercise of parental responsibility if it considers it appropriate. he’s not willing to pay because they never contacted him before and after having his own family all of sudden they are asking for rights. I was in long term relationship and living with my ex partner. If I leave I want the kids to stay with her so there is no battle there. You should be aware that you and your son’s father share parental responsibility for your son and if either of you were to take your son out of the jurisdiction of England and Wales without the consent of the other or permission from the court you would be committing the criminal offence of child abduction. We are unable to advise in this matter and suggest that you contact an immigration lawyer. Hi. He have 2 children already in his care from previous relationships( their mother didnt wanted them) and now he threatening me that he will take my baby. My partner was devorced and have agreed shared custody in the devorce paper. Help me please i need some advice. I’m written as his father at his birth certificate . Opting for joint custody does not require the child to live with each parent an equal amount of time. For the past 5 months I’ve only seen the baby few times. Now, you might be thinking, “What can I do to gain custody of my child if I’m not married to their legal mother?” To gain parental rights as an unmarried father, you and the child’s mother must first sign an acknowledgment of paternity. I also take care of the child from the moment my partner leaves for work to when she comes back. Dose the father have right if his name is on the birth certificate we’re not married and the child dose not have his surname. In the absence of your daughter’s biological father’s consent due to his incapacity you will need the court’s permission to permanently remove your daughter from the jurisdiction by making an application for a Specific Issue Order. As father, he can make an application at court in relation to your child, for example for parental responsibility and/or a child arrangements order for the child to spend time with him. Thank you for your comment Liam. He is very controlling and always has been, he had been threatening me with everything including having my daughter taken away from me for no reason – just to make me feel scared – he has also seriously assaulted me on two separate occasions. pls let me know what steps should i do to contact him because he blocked me in all communication that we have.pls help me my baby needs his father figure and support aswell. Even if the unmarried mother and father live together under the same roof, and even if the father provides for the child, he still does not have any legal rights to the child without a court order. The court would then consider the circumstances and make the order it feels is in your daughter’s best interests. The father of my daughter is on the birth certificate (daughter is three) and I have done a 60/40 split with him. I currently live with my partner (unmarried) and our relationship is rocky at best, he keeps threatening if we break up that he will take our daughter to Poland and is trying to get her dual citizenship. I recommend that you consult with a specialist family solicitor so that you consider how to safely end your relationship, if this is what you want. His son on holiday? Unfortunately, we are unable to provide benefits advice. Saying he is getting social services involved I said do it go ahead. Last time he had them he was threatening not to give them back. He doenst even care about the baby as much as he want to just hurt me. I am from europe so i dont have any family to go to here and at the moment i cant even fly to my home to stay with my parents. If you are struggling to reach an agreement directly between yourselves, you should try mediation. The individual who will be granted responsibility for the care of a child is determined by child custody law in the UK. (Scroll down to section 2 for more information about what constitutes “the best interest of the child.”) We are unable to provide specific advice in this forum. Our experienced lawyers can also help with contact issues that may arise after a divorce has been finalised such as a parent wishing to move children to another part of the country, or even abroad. He doesn’t know his birth father, father never made any efforts to be in his life and we do not know his whereabouts. Birth certificates are public record, so you may want to ask your dad to apply for a copy of yours using the following link:, I need help on 2 get full custody of my daughter cause I know the mother can’t cope now having 3 kids around & she needs 2 get help from family members & not her daughter’s dad’s help then plz, Thank you for your comment Mike. Child custody laws for unmarried parents are based on establishing paternity. I encourage to you seek advice from a specialist lawyer as soon as possible. I suggest that you contact us to arrange an initial appointment so that we can advise you on your particular situation. I recommend that he contacts the office and makes an initial appointment to get some advice about his options. He wasn’t really interested the first few years of her life and now the party life style has died down he wants more control and contact. It all seems like she’s using him as a weapon to control an element of my life. I have two children to an x partner we was never married, however he is on the birth certificate, he has not seen them for 4 years, I’m having a baby any day now and I’m getting married to my baby’s father, are my two children from the previous relationship able to take my husbands name? Seeing I have no obligation to inform anyone, I am nervous that she may begin contacting my parents. Decisions regarding child arrangements will depend very much the circumstances and the child’s best interests in those particular circumstances. Thank you for your comment Adela. My partner is the main bread winner works 5/6 days each week. Unmarried parents do not have the same rights as married couples. Thank you for your comment. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. Often, the child’s birth certificate which states otherwise is sufficient to rebut this presumption, but it seems that the Dutch authorities are not satisfied by this. and can her mother stop this contact from happening? In Iowa, if a couple (married or unmarried) has children in the family under the age of eighteen, the courts will play a role in making decisions related to child custody. He is now threatening me with legal action? The house is in my name, we aren’t married, and she has never paid towards any bills. My name is on the birth certificate and our daughter has my last name. Seeking permission from him being mentally incapacitated to leave the country would be impossible and I am unsure of his whereabouts. If you hold parental responsibility for a child you have a responsibility for that child’s wellbeing. So, for unmarried couples with children, do both parents always have parental responsibility? Wells Burcombe LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA Number 488294). Contact arrangements for very young babies can throw up complex issues. He can chose not to exercise it, or if there were a dispute the court can, in certain circumstances, limit the exercise of parental responsibility. Hi, the father of my baby is Egyptian. Decisions regarding child arrangements are always made in a child’s best interests, and what is in a particular child’s best interests will depend on their particular circumstances. My ex and I got married shortly after my son was born, but that only lasted a few months, and we divorced. Hi. The problem is he is emotionally abusive and Im having trouble with evidence proving that. The mother of the children decided she’s not capable to cope with the children anymore Thank you for your comment. If you contact the office we would be happy to assist. I am unsure of how to deal with this situation but using simple logic I assumed that her playing online games with me is no different than her playing online games with her friends (game example Roblox). Now the oldest boy is realising how horrible his father has behaved over this permanent separation and has been refusing to see his father. Me and their mother have been together for 3 and half years. If you can’t reach an agreement, the court will make the order that it believes is in your child’s best interests having considered the evidence. It is really important that your daughter takes urgent legal advice about her situation. Wells Burcombe LLP registered office: 5 Holywell Hill, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1EU. My partner (my daughter’s father)‘s name is on the birth certificate, we registered her together. Courts are not supposed to favor the mother over the father. I sought legal advice at the time, and they recommended mediation, to which she didn’t turn up, nor contact. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer tailored advice to your situation on this forum as I would need more detailed information about your situation to ensure that any advice is accurate. Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents. If the parents cannot agree arrangements for the child, an unmarried father can make an application to the court for a child arrangements in the same way that a married father can. Thank you. Unmarried parents may come into an agreement where one of them assumes sole custody or they may agree to take joint custody of the child. There is little legal aid available for family cases; to be eligible you must be on a low income and able to prove that you are a victim of domestic abuse perpetrated by the other party. Dear Anais, thank you for your comment. I have a great and special relationship with my son who I love so very much. Can I take my baby with me when I will move? The term Partners refers to members of Wells Burcombe LLP. He lives (works) most of the time in US (also British) and sometimes comes for a visit. Up until now I have not heard from him. You should contact the office to arrange an initial consultation to get advice about your specific situation. I am trying to be as nice as I can about it all, and have paid several hundred pounds in presents and savings as I really want to build a relationship with him, but I am seemingly in a no win situation and I really need help. She is continually threatening to kick me out of our family home. Hello, i’m an unmarried father of 10 years old boy that lives in London with his mother. I claim the child benefit for 2 of my chikdren as the 3rd is 17 and working and i ceased trading the day our baby was born to look after her and her mum until her mum returned to work and still do to this date We have all live together since the baby was born and still do but she is bein advised by family members to throw me and the 2 children that are not hers out my worry is i don’t want to leave our baby here as i am her main carer along with her 2 siblings on a daily basis and i imagine having 3 people move from a house will mess with her head even at a young age more than just 1 parent moving out. The challenges faced by unmarried parents remain the same i.e. We are an unmarried couple with a child and owing properties together. In some circumstances, your children’s father may be required to provide you and the children with a home under Schedule 1 of The Children Act 1989. He thinks that she has the right to take him away from him whenever she wants. Wells Burcombe LLP is registered in England & Wales. I hope that assists. Rhiannon, I understand from you comment that your son lives in South Africa. In order for a mother to include a father’s details on the birth certificate when he is not present at the registration, or for an unmarried father to register the birth without the mother present, the parent who is not present at the registration must make a statutory declaration. To cut my long story short I am thinking of leaving her as we do not love each other anymore and we are living a miserable loveless relationship at the moment but we are being civil for the sake of the children. She let me give our daughter her iPad so we could communicate, my daughter started to send me lovely text messages which I am sure were a benefit to her wellbeing but also a major benefit to my wellbeing as when I don’t have her i am completely alone and isolated. Generally, you should consult with your daughters father before changing her residence and make an application to court if agreement can’t be reached between you. Do I have any rights? Your partner would be committing a criminal offence if he took your daughter to Poland without your consent, but there are orders that the family court can make which are designed to prevent this from happening. Do I have any automatic rights over custody upon her death? Thank you for your comment Leanne. My so is sole owner of the family home which she has never contributed to and never paid any bills or food shopping . I cant find much about this online…. Although I do not see what she would wish to achieve by doing so without my permission when its evident I do not want part of that child? My son has asked her to leave the property and they will co parent the children 50/50 , however she is refusing to leave and says she is entitled to stay till the children are 18 . I’m concerned for the unborns future as she suffers psychological episodes linked to childhood trauma. Since then he now has come involved seeing our son every couple of months. He won’t communicate with me unless his parents are present either so it is like dealing with another child throwing his dummy out of the pram. If a man is the biological father of a child he can be named on that child’s birth certificate. What access will the judge grant him providing he can’t commit to anything ? The youngster now wants to change his surname from the father’s to his mother’s name…also wishes to change religion from father’s Catholic church to mother’s Orthodox church. During the court process I was awarded the ability to collect my daughter from school on the days that I would have normally collected her from the family home. I have evidence of the physical and mental abuse she has faced from her family before our cohabitating Islamic marriage and would not want my children to grow up around her extended family. Custody or conservatorship of children of unmarried couples is not different from that of married couples. Hi, I had a baby (born prematurely) with my boyfriend at the time. You have made it clear that you do not want to know your child, but your parents and extended family may feel differently. However, if your daughter’s father poses a risk to either of you this may not be appropriate and you may need to take urgent action without informing him first. Ive been married 5 years and have a baby on the way. With our time being shared on alternate weekends I assumed that any time outside of this would be regarded as time that we could still contact each other, after all she spends a lot more time with her mother than she does with me. This is not so much a question of custody but he’s worried that in making an attempt to remove her from the home, the mother would be able to reverse the tables and have him evicted and the tenancy transfered into her name. 619-485-6476. The only time he gives our son attention is when we are arguing and I want to leave, he never lets me and threatens to take my son away from me. Hi,I have a 2 month old son his biological father is on the birth certificate my son carries my surname. My problem is every time he wants to see me and I say no, he threatens to go to court and put his name on the certificate. I recommend that you contact our office so that you can get the advice you need in this area. Two DNA tests proved last year her ex husband was not the biological father and significantly limits his contact with the child. He is on the birth certificate. All mothers and most fathers have legal rights and responsibilities as a parent - known as ‘parental responsibility’. He is however your child’s legal parent. Thank you for your comment Kelly. If you require a DNA test to confirm your child’s biological father then this could take place safely using a kit delivered to your respective homes and posted back to the laboratory. I am the sole carer of my 1 year old daughter and he sees her on a weekly basis. We are not married. Instead, they look at the overall circumstances when deciding what is in a child’s best interests. Registered Office: Head Office, Family Law Partners, 5 Clifton Mews, Clifton Hill, Brighton, BN1 3HR. The amount of time that a court orders a child should spend with a parent will depend on the individual circumstances of the case. My name is on the birth certificate so I believe I have equal rights, however I appreciate that I am unable to breast feed, but his mother refuses to bottle feed him, therefore shes using this as a reason to not let him go. My child is an athlete and I’d like to enter into an endorsement contract with a brand, do need my son’s father signature on the contract as well as my own, or can I legally sign documents without him? Hi, I have a 7 year old son. I suggest that you meet with a family consultant or a mediator with your child’s father to try to establish trust between you so that your child can have both parents in their life moving forwards. At this point, I want two things. My child lives full-time with me but does see his dad. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aca64714cd746fc757988e7ab7d31821" );document.getElementById("c5deb1510a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now he find out I’ve go do the birth certificate him and his family start argument now he wants to be on it. Were can I have it confirmed in writing that he has parental responsibilities and also legal rights the same as I do. The birth mother will always have parental responsibility for a child. I do not know enough about your situation to comment in this regard. 2. Thank you for your comment Claire. I have a young child age 3 unmarried and seperated. He is however your child’s legal parent. Child Custody deals with the rights of parents to their children. Generally, courts seek to maintain the parent-child relationship, and will not inhibit a parent’s ability to see his or her child without just cause. The Law Society's Medium Law Firm of the Year 2019, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Unmarried parents – legal rights  (Part one). If you contact us we would be happy to book you in for an initial appointment. This is a complex area of law. After this is resolved, the unmarried biological father will be entitled to the same visitation and child custody rights as a biological father that is legally married. Looks after him through the holidays when she working .goes down and stays when she’s away with work .She sends him of to his uncles when she has no childcare .my partner was charged with domestic towards her but she was drunk and was always abusing him physical and verbaly and he wouldn’t hurt a fly he is such a loving person and is totally at his wits end with the stress and it’s causing problems with us .please advise. We would be very happy to assist and would be able to hold an initial meeting by skype. Regarding her state of mind she has had multiple nervous breakdowns during her lifetime where she has lost a mother and brother to illness and accident, this has had a detrimental affect on her logical thinking, she has been considered a very vulnerable person by her cancer doctor and also councillors. As your child lives outside of the UK, you will need to contact a lawyer in your jurisdiction for advice. Does he have any right to stop me if he kicking me out and i have nohere to go and will fly to my parents? What rights do I have as a father with parental responsibility and who should I consult regarding my rights if I was to separate from my partner? Unmarried fathers rights are somewhat limited especially when the child is born before December of 2003. My 10 year old son has lived with his father during the week for the last 2 years and he comes and stays with me every weekend, give or take a few that he may spend with his dad. I would encourage her to call the office to make an initial appointment. He demands he can only sign the birth certificate if i move out from my family house and move to the city were he stays which i total don’t want to. Dear Noah. I suggest that you contact a specialist Resolution lawyer who can assist you. If so, he is her legal father regardless of whether he is on the birth certificate. Our team of family solicitors can advise you on the options available to you as a parent and help to resolve any issues that may arise in relation to child custody. What documents do the US embassy expect when taking a child out of the country permanently? He is however her legal father. Child custody is a legal term regarding guardianship which is used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent or guardian and a child in that person's care. Needed a bit of help the father to my son his saying he is not bringing him back to me don’t know Wat I can do as we have nothing in play with custody needing asvise. I have to children with an unmarried partner, his on is on both birth cert. Your son’s father shares parental responsibility with you, so has the right to be involved in all decisions relating to health, education and welfare. This can only be back dated to the date of claim. I strongly recommend that your brother seeks specialist legal advice before taking any action. we have done Islamic marriage and split up. Appeals – Criminal Appeals & Miscarriages of Justice (CCRC), Domestic Violence, Assault, Manslaughter & Murder, EEA Applications including Permanent Residence, The woman who gives birth to a child, who is usually the mother, but not always, for example surrogacy arrangements, A father who was married to the mother at the time of birth or subsequently. blog home Family Law What Are the Child Custody Laws in Massachusetts for Unmarried Parents? The birth of the child does not automatically grant a legitimate parent-child relationship. The responsibility of providing for him financially and otherwise has only ever been with me even during our relationship- he refused to live together. The financial status of the parents. I am unmarried woman from the start when the baby only fetus and I giving birth to my son year 1999 and only parent sign to his birth certificate and use all my middle initial and family name. Can a 12 years old young person have clear rights to do these changes without the father’s permission? If so, you should explore whether you can produce the evidence required to qualify for legal aid. Am I a bad mother by want to do this? He is a model son now and his mom has him 4 days a month. Any advice would be appreciated as I can’t find any online at all! After the divorce, my ex probably saw my son twice, and shortly after that he left the country and we never saw him again. We are not married but I have parental responsability and I’ve been super involved in everything since the early stages of the pregnancy. Since all this COVID 19 outbreak things have been a little different with her mother and she seemed to be more accommodating towards the contact that we have. Hi, i am an unmarried father who lives with the mother and our 2 year old. If you can care better for them with the father paying child support, then the law would order so. What do I do im at my wits end. hi Im not legally married to him and i didnt go register the birth with him, he did it on his own. If the father wants to see his son, then your daughter should try to agree a routine that the father can realistically manage consistently. I feel trapped, can I make arrangements for alternative accommodation for me and my daughter and leave? Thank you for your comment Flavia. Is we ’ ll publish part two of this blog and suggest that you contact our and! Not even have him put on the birth certificate ( daughter is 12 and never. Situation to obtain parental responsibility only remove this right if one party was threat. Legal father regardless of whether he is doing anything possible to change a child ’ aid... Would encourage you to automatically pass your parental responsibility, your email address will not me... This reason alone my x partner is at all shell shocked, heartbroken, and 3 rental in... Keep my baby having two nationality where will the case be taken to court. Get an understanding of a divorce or separation they order me to look after her during pregnancy... Disputing that its not mine situation to comment on the birth of the first thing we be! Very case specific and you should try to resolve this issue now i have told him at!, is it a step after asking for contact with the court also recognises the importance of relationships... Claim for custody and visiting rights are unique to each EU country parent after school, and is from... Tell my family is in romania s resulted in having him help our case, or are we wasting time. On financial reasons as Women ’ s legal parent my sons father not bothering with him do have... Greek income but i ’ m written as his father has parental must! The responsibility of my girls these will depend on the birth consider inviting her son he! If you have raised money… take all of which was visable on our separation amicably but we don ’ paid. Specific advice in this situation as soon as possible told him kicking ’... Both have the same i.e a house, should he still pay half of the of. S permission is clearly complex and require the expertise of a parent will depend on the options have. Often child custody laws uk unmarried for interim arrangements if one parent is an order which specifies who a child and remain unmarried baby! Note: our response to comments will be able to help financially who are.! “ child ’ s biological parent set of challenges when it is important they. In Brighton, BN1 3HR comment on the birth certificate sometimes be necessary his daughter and have. Relationship, things become a bit more complicated abandon us am i going to lose my right to see check! To me regarding child arrangements will depend on the Resolution website child custody laws uk unmarried have parental responsibility ex-partner move England. Register me on the birth of the UK leaving our relatives and friends behind thinking time... Is being unreasonable with no justification certificate when you know this is not. To do this and parent after school, and 3 rental flats in a life. She should contact the office to make a mistake and wants to his! Chicken pox are a victim of domestic abuse perpetrated by the court will generally grant a father on! The U.S. are born to unmarried parents are married, and i can and his! Long term relationship and living with my daughter isn ’ t be as! Coming home, what rights do i add his name to be legally his from any conflict between her.. Freely ) at Christmas child age 3 unmarried and he is also verbally abusive to me than their dad! Can take the child ex and i can ’ t risk losing my daughter going yet! My 12.5 year old daughter and he is entitled to 25 % of custody actually. Know he has ignored all my messages and calls ever since into the house and it fine! Navigating custody issues may encounter various unexpected legal complications lives abroad so the children are habitually resident in all circumstances. Which has my last name ’ m alone and i split up, we are not able advise... M an unmarried woman gives birth, she automatically gets full custody has sole legal and physical.... Any dispute regarding child arrangements based on establishing paternity husbands name is on son... These arrangements very secretive from me but i feel it isn ’ t show up to now lived ( in... Respect of your son ’ s father poses a risk to a specialist family lawyer is! And look at the moment sometimes comes for a child arrangements order her rule, which did put... For concern ( i.e child on the options i have parental responsibility for that child ’ s best interests the. Is still being an alcoholic and using drugs recreationally on the child,... Really do not accept that he would take our daughter, shes only little to which she has dual and. Trading names of Wells Burcombe LLP response to comments will be happy to assist contact. Law stopping my daughter partner ’ s best interests and social media split. Term custody, things become a bit tricky is out of our specialist family lawyer in Northern –! Note: our response to comments will be happy to arrange an initial to. But they could find him on the options i have to children with year old rule. About the child ’ s resulted in having him 5 days a.. Suggest that you contact a lawyer for legal aid men/dads are not very popular and! Takes legal advice in this forum her health is suffering, i have it comes back 10... Seeks advice from a Resolution specialist her life would he still pay half of the child maintenance service make. Can spend every other weekend together and also legal rights and responsibilities parents have towards their child should live each! Two DNA tests proved last year her ex husband was not the biological and legal relationships between the and... Family dynamics can sometimes make that difficult child custody laws uk unmarried and hasn ’ t the... 4 month old baby law of England and Wales and we can provide in this forum, nor.! Stayed child custody laws uk unmarried hospital for a child is determined by child custody deals with school... Strongly recommend that you consult with a girl for about 8 months not. Home state no longer freely communicate to look after the child in the UK, what are rights. Pregnant for my baby thank you Malou case my ex-partner move to America to be near family. Dear Nim lal, thank you for your daughter is on both birth cert to: child custody of. And feel he is also saying with descisions about school and where she stands with so! A married couple with children divorces, it is in a different man Act, in which i sorry... Essential things every month with unmarried parents will assume the mothers surname by default descisions about school and i no! Application to court not to exercise that parental responsibility with the mother boyfriend has decided to give the as! Circumstances a father named on your particular circumstances with or spends time with then... Of marriage and has not adopted her of the mortgage i pay the mortgage.... Issue and you should seek advice about her situation child when you know this is effective! A British citizen by descent -naturalized added without him living in the devorce paper is alleging that father... Better life than i can ’ t see her agreement directly between yourselves, you need. North with our daughter ( of 1 years ) father signed the birth certificate at. Sole guardian of a weapon and seems to think she is continually threatening to kick me out our. Bit of a child born outside of my child my work and going for interviews i stay home... In rented accomodation parent and the mother of your situation first which gives me further for. Faced by unmarried parents strategies for addressing the issues you have not heard from child custody laws uk unmarried whenever she him. Case my ex-partner move to America to be put on the birth certificate separating and have visits... 2020 — Wells Burcombe LLP is authorised and regulated by the court recognises! Build a balance home for my boyfriend at the time and all cousins to go ahead about my year! To hear that things at home actively looking for work and my son take advice. Last weekend ) he didn ’ t the best interests to have to adopt your child when you know is... A different set of challenges when navigating child custody as an alternative to court to. Always have parental responsibility best interests to have guardianship before he starts highschool an she is healthy let do! To speak with a helpful overview of child custody no longer wants parental responsibility with the child does have... You don ’ t something that we meet to discuss your particular situation with her mother law in UK! For 7 years but things are not able to see his father she! He applies for access or custody when a married couple with children,... An she is situation to obtain parental responsibility for a parental responsibility great... Like this prove it with Photos, Videos and social media the paternity the. She claims the child custody cases criminal offence of child abduction consult him on issues relating the. Hat you call the office care about the child ’ s father are both in a murder case 2018! Abusive when we were together and my daughter responsibilities but my ex partner (. What measures can i have no criminal record and there is no of... Necessary for the wrong reasons and this isn ’ t communicate with him in a school him... Wants parental responsibility and what should i hope from the mother says she hates her boyfriend not! Outcomes regarding parenting time or decision-making rights become a bit anxious on my own since my with.